Surpassing Expectations of Clients With Our Superior Gamut of Zirconium Octoate, Paint Driers, PVC Stabilizers & Much More!

About Us

Uma Pharma Chem is not an ordinary organization. In a huge crowd of experts, our name shines the brightest. The credit is due to our exceptional talent, 8 years of experience as well as in-depth knowledge of the chemical segment. Over the years, our impact on the chemical industry has been exceptional; we have revolutionized the industry through innovation and by surpassing existing standards.

Under the brand name, Uma, a fine assortment of Zirconium Octoate, 200L PVC Stabilizers, Magnesium Stearate, Paint Driers, etc. is made available to clients. This exceptional chemical array is produced in perfect adherence to standards of the domain. We are constantly focusing on offering this remarkable gamut to our precious clients working in paint, PVC, chemical and many other industries.

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